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What is the use of research chemicals?

Often referred to as “research chemicals,” “designer drugs,” or “novel psychoactive substances” (NPS), these substances are used for their pharmacological effects which are often similar to more widely known drugs such as ecstasy or heroin.
What is a research drug?
A chemical that researchers are studying is called a “research drug.” Steps in drug research. Researchers first test drugs in the laboratory and in animal studies. If a research drug meets certain safety standards and might be an effective new treatment, researchers then test it in humans.

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Injecting drugs like crystal meth and mephedrone is known as slamming.

If you’re going to slam, do it safely.

Slam as safely as you can

  • Inject properly – if you’re injecting the wrong way it can cause veins to shrink, collapse or shut down completely in the long term. Injecting incorrectly also causes the tissue to break down, causing sores and abscesses, which can get infected and spread. They also don’t look very nice.
  • Don’t share – sharing your equipment can pass on hep C and HIV. You can get different coloured needles so you know who is using which needle. These can be found in slam packs.
  • Don’t reuse – needles go blunt after a few uses. Once they are blunt they can damage your arms and they don’t feel nice to use.

Make sure you are taught how to inject properly, preferably by a medical professional.

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