Please read and select the payment method you would like to use for the payment. Contact our support team with your preferred payment method so they can guide you on how to proceed!


By Selecting PayPal as your prefer method of payment comes with certain terms and condtion, you should contact customer service for instructions on how to go about making Secure payment through PayPal without any third party involvement.


We accept over 10 different kinds of cryptocurrencies, so picking Crypto as your prefer payment method give you more advantage than the two previous payment method. It is fast and very secure for such transaction, there won’t be any third party company to monitor your transfer.

Western Union

If you choose Western Union as your preferred payment method, you will need to go to your local Western Union store and complete the transfer as instructed by our customer service team. Make sure you follow all the instructions given. Ask questions about the transfer at any time for clarification

Always provide screenshot of your payment once completed 

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